For what it’s worth…

Just returned last night from my field trip. I found a screen shot of the About page I had taken early on the morning of the 10th July (assignment deadline). It clearly shows that there was no spelling error in the first line of text:

I still cannot understand how the error appeared but I just noticed another – on the Carl Sagan page, the last letter in ‘Correspondence’ is missing. I have no screen shot of this page before the site went live. Perhaps this one was my own fault.

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Final Post?

I thought that was the end BUT, after I uploaded my website files to the college server and went home, I thought I would check to see how well it would look again from home. To  my horror and despair, one small typo had crept in to an otherwise perfect copy. It was highly noticeable too as it was the second word on the About page. The next morning I rushed into college to try to correct it. But when I checked the html and CSS code for that page I could not see the spelling mistake. Pen and Antonio were there and they too could not see any errors either. I don’t know how this would have happened.

I left for Sri Lanka the next day and so did not have time to do  anything more about it and am still upset that I could not remove this blot. When I return I will try to find the cause and rectify it.

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It’s done.

Finally, my website is on the college server.  I am very grateful to Paul Chauncy who patiently helped me to upload the files. After uploading the files successfully, I noticed all kinds of problems that cropped up once I copied all the files from the siteroot folder on my laptop to the translab computer.  Some of the CSS rules were not being picked up and the formatting had gone awry. Fonts and colours had got messed up. While the Letters page table is centred on Firefox and IE but not on Chrome! This morning on my laptop, the website could be viewed beautifully on Chrome, Internet Explorer and Firefox.

I started correcting these bugs which also included the pesky spacing on the nav bar. I realised that it was because one of the names of pages in the bar was not hyperlinked, which then meant it was not pulling in the CSS rules for that div. So as it was getting late, I made all the page names links which magically set the spacing. I checked a few sites on how they dealt with this problem as I couldn’t find a specific solution to this online. I found that also resorted to the same solution that I decided on.

I am so proud that I have achieved what I set out to do. I think my website is very good considering my level of IT skill when I started. I know that neither the code nor the design will meet best practices standards, but I am very happy with it.

I would like to thank Maria too for her advice and encouragement. I hope you will enjoy visiting my website:

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Last few bugs

After more scrutiny, I found that in the About, History and Write to Me! pages, that I had not got the code absolutely right with regard to the footer – no surprise there. I had somehow deleted the footer div. Amazing what morning-fresh eyes can reveal. So in the History page I had added some unnecessary code under the footer div:

<p align=”center” class=”Parisienne Clear”>&nbsp;</p>
<div id=”footer”>

Once I deleted that the page looked fine again.  Relief!

Now my only issue is the navigation bar link spacing.

I have just found that too on closer inspection. I missed this:

#wrapper #nav ul li a {
text-align: center;

and this:

#wrapper #footer p {
font-size: x-small;

from the <style type=”text/css”> parameters for the About, History and Write to Me pages. That as why the font parameters were different from the Home page.  So I had been looking in the wrong place. But the spacing between the navigation bar links are still not right! Why is that? What I noticed is that this happens on each of the other main pages for the name of that page on the bar, which is of course not linked on that particular page. So it seems obvious to me that it is something to do with the linking. I still can’t centre the Letters landing page table.  I will have a closer look at these to see what is going wrong there.

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OMG! Browser compatibility for letters!

Gremlins are still ruling the main pages About, History and Write to Me. But the individual letters are all now browser compatible! (Fireworks explode!) I don’t really know how this happened. After I closed the open-ended tags, I started checking all the files from scratch and Ta da!

I used the <p>&lt; </p> attribute (don’t know it’s name) to allow the page length to be extended according to the content and not have a fixed value. It worked fine for the About page. As the letter page for Galileo’s daughter Suor Maria Celeste was very long I tried to do the same but something went wrong here and so my footer text got trapped on the left of the page too. So tired now and can’t see the wood for the trees. I will check where the gremlin is hiding in the morning.

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I have been checking and checking and found a couple of unclosed tags. Yay! That has sorted a couple of minor issues, eg the text in some of the pages was rendering bolded. The <strong> tag was not closed with a </strong> tag. It’s really hard to spot them when you’re looking at the code all day and when it is all crammed together.  I also found that I hadn’t closed a <div> tag which was causing the text in the footer to go awry. Now it is behaving itself. Yay!

Why didn’t the Command > Clean Up XHTML tool find these? I would have saved so much time!

I checked that the CSS code at the top of the CSS file were all set to 0, as I remembered Maria saying that this should ensure browser compatibility. It was.

This is weird. I checked the Home page by clicking on Check Browser Compatibility button, then the arrow at the Property Inspector panel. The report said no issues and the home page is being rendered beautifully on all 3 browsers: Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer.

The About page is still not compatible with the IE browser. It is only good on Chrome. However, using the Check Browser Compatibility tool, the report says ‘No issues detected’ right at the bottom left hand side of the page. It’s tiny in this screen shot but can be seen:

Ditto for the History page which displays on Chrome and Firefox but not on IE (video not playing):

Different colour mood – I am wondering whether to leave the title on the Letters landing page in black instead of red as on the other pages, as it looks really nice on this page as there are no images. The contrast and combination of colours on this page is good and I really like it.

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Last of the bugs

Using the Command >Check spelling, I am zipping through the files for typos.  I am trying  hard to sort out these last few bugs too that bedevil my website:

  • navigation bar links spacing
  • making the Letters landing page table stay centred when live
  •  sorting out the title font problem on Letters landing page
  • browser compatibility

I think I should be able to sort these eventually, that is tonight! I am meeting Paul tomorrow to upload my website. Hope there will be no problems with that.

I must say I am feeling very proud of what I have achieved over the last two months. Not exactly from zero to hero but somewhere in between, but certainly from zero. I do have a functional website which is pleasing to look at and it works. The content is pretty cool. The past week has seen an accelerated dash up the steep, steep learning curve.  But nothing worth having (or learning) is easy.

This module forced me to face one of my biggest fears – tech know-how.  And I did and I don’t think I have done too badly in the end!


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