Last of the bugs

Using the Command >Check spelling, I am zipping through the files for typos.  I am trying  hard to sort out these last few bugs too that bedevil my website:

  • navigation bar links spacing
  • making the Letters landing page table stay centred when live
  •  sorting out the title font problem on Letters landing page
  • browser compatibility

I think I should be able to sort these eventually, that is tonight! I am meeting Paul tomorrow to upload my website. Hope there will be no problems with that.

I must say I am feeling very proud of what I have achieved over the last two months. Not exactly from zero to hero but somewhere in between, but certainly from zero. I do have a functional website which is pleasing to look at and it works. The content is pretty cool. The past week has seen an accelerated dash up the steep, steep learning curve.  But nothing worth having (or learning) is easy.

This module forced me to face one of my biggest fears – tech know-how.  And I did and I don’t think I have done too badly in the end!



About DharshaniW

An experienced writing and editing professional and science communicator in a world full of stories.
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