Last few bugs

After more scrutiny, I found that in the About, History and Write to Me! pages, that I had not got the code absolutely right with regard to the footer – no surprise there. I had somehow deleted the footer div. Amazing what morning-fresh eyes can reveal. So in the History page I had added some unnecessary code under the footer div:

<p align=”center” class=”Parisienne Clear”>&nbsp;</p>
<div id=”footer”>

Once I deleted that the page looked fine again.  Relief!

Now my only issue is the navigation bar link spacing.

I have just found that too on closer inspection. I missed this:

#wrapper #nav ul li a {
text-align: center;

and this:

#wrapper #footer p {
font-size: x-small;

from the <style type=”text/css”> parameters for the About, History and Write to Me pages. That as why the font parameters were different from the Home page.  So I had been looking in the wrong place. But the spacing between the navigation bar links are still not right! Why is that? What I noticed is that this happens on each of the other main pages for the name of that page on the bar, which is of course not linked on that particular page. So it seems obvious to me that it is something to do with the linking. I still can’t centre the Letters landing page table.  I will have a closer look at these to see what is going wrong there.


About DharshaniW

An experienced writing and editing professional and science communicator in a world full of stories.
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