OMG! Browser compatibility for letters!

Gremlins are still ruling the main pages About, History and Write to Me. But the individual letters are all now browser compatible! (Fireworks explode!) I don’t really know how this happened. After I closed the open-ended tags, I started checking all the files from scratch and Ta da!

I used the <p>&lt; </p> attribute (don’t know it’s name) to allow the page length to be extended according to the content and not have a fixed value. It worked fine for the About page. As the letter page for Galileo’s daughter Suor Maria Celeste was very long I tried to do the same but something went wrong here and so my footer text got trapped on the left of the page too. So tired now and can’t see the wood for the trees. I will check where the gremlin is hiding in the morning.


About DharshaniW

An experienced writing and editing professional and science communicator in a world full of stories.
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