I have been checking and checking and found a couple of unclosed tags. Yay! That has sorted a couple of minor issues, eg the text in some of the pages was rendering bolded. The <strong> tag was not closed with a </strong> tag. It’s really hard to spot them when you’re looking at the code all day and when it is all crammed together.  I also found that I hadn’t closed a <div> tag which was causing the text in the footer to go awry. Now it is behaving itself. Yay!

Why didn’t the Command > Clean Up XHTML tool find these? I would have saved so much time!

I checked that the CSS code at the top of the CSS file were all set to 0, as I remembered Maria saying that this should ensure browser compatibility. It was.

This is weird. I checked the Home page by clicking on Check Browser Compatibility button, then the arrow at the Property Inspector panel. The report said no issues and the home page is being rendered beautifully on all 3 browsers: Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer.

The About page is still not compatible with the IE browser. It is only good on Chrome. However, using the Check Browser Compatibility tool, the report says ‘No issues detected’ right at the bottom left hand side of the page. It’s tiny in this screen shot but can be seen:

Ditto for the History page which displays on Chrome and Firefox but not on IE (video not playing):

Different colour mood – I am wondering whether to leave the title on the Letters landing page in black instead of red as on the other pages, as it looks really nice on this page as there are no images. The contrast and combination of colours on this page is good and I really like it.


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