It’s done.

Finally, my website is on the college server.  I am very grateful to Paul Chauncy who patiently helped me to upload the files. After uploading the files successfully, I noticed all kinds of problems that cropped up once I copied all the files from the siteroot folder on my laptop to the translab computer.  Some of the CSS rules were not being picked up and the formatting had gone awry. Fonts and colours had got messed up. While the Letters page table is centred on Firefox and IE but not on Chrome! This morning on my laptop, the website could be viewed beautifully on Chrome, Internet Explorer and Firefox.

I started correcting these bugs which also included the pesky spacing on the nav bar. I realised that it was because one of the names of pages in the bar was not hyperlinked, which then meant it was not pulling in the CSS rules for that div. So as it was getting late, I made all the page names links which magically set the spacing. I checked a few sites on how they dealt with this problem as I couldn’t find a specific solution to this online. I found that also resorted to the same solution that I decided on.

I am so proud that I have achieved what I set out to do. I think my website is very good considering my level of IT skill when I started. I know that neither the code nor the design will meet best practices standards, but I am very happy with it.

I would like to thank Maria too for her advice and encouragement. I hope you will enjoy visiting my website:


About DharshaniW

An experienced writing and editing professional and science communicator in a world full of stories.
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