Final Post?

I thought that was the end BUT, after I uploaded my website files to the college server and went home, I thought I would check to see how well it would look again from home. To  my horror and despair, one small typo had crept in to an otherwise perfect copy. It was highly noticeable too as it was the second word on the About page. The next morning I rushed into college to try to correct it. But when I checked the html and CSS code for that page I could not see the spelling mistake. Pen and Antonio were there and they too could not see any errors either. I don’t know how this would have happened.

I left for Sri Lanka the next day and so did not have time to do  anything more about it and am still upset that I could not remove this blot. When I return I will try to find the cause and rectify it.


About DharshaniW

An experienced writing and editing professional and science communicator in a world full of stories.
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